William F. Pedersen


Bill Pedersen has been recognized as an expert on the entire range of Clean Air Act issues during

his thirty years in private practice. He has worked on national ambient air quality standards, state

implementation plans, permitting (both Title V permits and new source review), new source

performance standards, hazardous air pollutant standards, mobile source emissions standards,

fuels standards, ozone depletion, and greenhouse gas control.

He has helped defend enforcement actions, devised permitting strategies, structured and helped

write comments on proposed regulations, brought legal challenges and argued many cases in the

federal courts of appeal, provided legislative advice, and served as an expert witness.

Congress has twice written suggestions in Bill’s law review articles into the Clean Air Act.

During his private practice career Bill has also handled numerous CERCLA cases, provided legal

advice on all aspects of the RCRA waste control program, and helped support a successful multi-

million dollar insurance claim by the Tennessee Valley Authority to recover the costs of cleaning

up a coal ash spill.

Bill has been a partner at two major D.C. law firms, ending his law firm career as Senior Counsel

at Perkins Coie.

Bill also worked for the Environmental Protection Agency for thirteen years, serving as Deputy

General Counsel and Associate General Counsel for Air – the government’s chief Clean Air Act

lawyer. He wrote the administrative procedures for issuing air, water, and solid waste permits

that are still in use, and helped develop the early stages of EPA’s market based approaches to

pollution control.

Bill has produced cutting-edge scholarship in administrative and environmental law throughout

his career. His articles have addressed water pollution control, land use control, solid waste

control, the use of information disclosure to regulate, greenhouse gas control, and rulemaking

and adjudication procedures in addition to the Clean Air Act. They have been cited almost a

thousand times in the scholarly literature and about twenty times by state and federal courts in

additon to being written into the Clean Air Act twice by Congress.

Bill has taught environmental law at Harvard Law School and the University of Michigan Law


He graduated from Harvard College magna cum laude in Economics and cum laude from

Harvard Law School. After graduation he served as a law clerk to Henry J. Friendly on the

United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Bill is listed in Who’s Who in America and has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America since

it began publication.

Bill accepts clients of all types, but he spends most of his time representing environmental

groups and causes.